AEIFOROS BULGARIA S.A. was established in 2004 by AEIFOROS S.A., a Greek subsidiary of the major Greek steelworks SIDENOR S.A. The purpose of AEIFOROS BULGARIA S.A. is the recycling of all by-products arising from the production processes of the industries belonging to the Group VIOHALCO, starting from those of steelworks STOMANA INDUSTRIES S.A. located in Pernik Bulgaria.

AEIFOROS BULGARIA S.A. recycles a wide range of steel industry by-products, processing annually about 150.000 TN. The parent company AEIFOROS S.A. also operates two plants in Greece: the one is located in Almyros near Volos with its own port facilities for products dispatch, the second lies by Thessaloniki, Northern Greece.

The main products of AEIFOROS BULGARIA S.A. are:

  • Hard aggregates for the construction of road sub-base and base, embankment, skid-resistant course in road pavements and paving stones, as well as for landfilling,
  • Mill scale suitably processed for cement production and other applications,
  • Non-ferrous metals (aluminium, stainless steel, copper, bronze) from the recycling of End-of-Life Vehicles and domestic electrical appliances.

Url: www.aeiforos.bg