Hollow Structural Sections Square & Rectangular

SIDENOR Group supplies the Greek and the international markets with a complete range of SD ULTRA, SD HSS and SD HSS EXTRA Hollow Structural Sections, according to ELOT Standards EN 10219-1 & 2. Hollow structural sections are manufactured from steel grades S235JRH, S275J0H, S355J2H and S460MH. They stand out for their high strength and aesthetics, ensure cost-savings and are suitable for all construction applications with stringent technical specifications.



SD ULTRA, SD HSS and SD HSS EXTRA Hollow Structural Sections are available in a complete product range, which includes round, rectangular and square sections in dimensions from 30 x 30 x 2mm to 500 x 500 x 20mm (square hollow sections) and from 40 x 20 x 2mm to 600 x 400 x 20mm (rectangular hollow sections).


SD ULTRA Hollow Structural Sections



The new very high-strength SD 460 ULTRA grade, is the latest member of SIDENOR's SD family of cold-formed structural hollow sections.  The SD 460 ULTRA grade is produced from fine-grain steel S460MH, in SIDENOR's well-known large range of geometry & thickness at both our tube plants: CORINTH PIPEWORKS and SOVEL in Greece.
The SD 460 ULTRA, pushes the envelope in steel construction, by providing high strength hollw sections at lower unit weight, suitable for very demanding, highly-stressed structures such as:
- Road and pedestrian bridges
- Long-span and slender steel structures
- Cranes, booms and masts
- Earth moving and agricultural equipment frames
- Machinery and process equipment frameworks
- Road, railway car and trailer frames
- Lighting and traffic sign poles, road sign frameworks
- Pile foundations

SD HSS EXTRA Hollow Structural Sections 


Cold-formed SD HSS EXTRA Hollow Structural Sections (steel grade S355J2H) are characterised by high strength and are suitable for very demanding mechanical or construction applications, while ensuring significant weight savings. Their minimum yield is 355 MPa (Ν/mm2) and they comply fully with the requirements of ELOT Standard ΕΝ 10219.


SD HSS Hollow Structural Sections


Cold-formed SD HSS Hollow Structural Sections (steel grades S235JRH and S275J0H) are designed to provide strength, high weldability in all construction applications and the possibility of high-quality galvanizing. They comply fully with the requirements of ELOT Standard ΕΝ 10219.

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  • SD HSS and SD HSS EXTRA Hollow Structural Sections are manufactured at the plants in Almyros, Magnesia (SOVEL SA) and in Thisvi, Viotia (CORINTH PIPEWORKS SA). The Almyros plant has state-of-the-art equipment and an annual manufacturing capacity of 150,000 tonnes. The Thisvi plant is among the largest steel pipe and hollow structural section manufacturing plants in the world using cold shaping production methods and has an annual manufacturing capacity of 680,000 tonnes. Both plants have privately-owned ports. Hollow Structural Sections produced, are available in the following steel grades:

    SD ULTRA Hollow Structural Sections
    Steel Grade: S460MH

    SD HSS Hollow Structural Sections
    Steel Grade: S235JRH, S275J0H

    SD HSS EXTRA Hollow Structural Sections
    Steel Grade: S355J2H

    The process of manufacturing cold-formed hollow structural sections consists of three stages:

    Α. Tube making
    The first stage involves the formation of the steel strip into a steel tube with the use of suitable forming rolls, until the two edges of the strip are in contact.

    Β. Welding
    The second stage involves the welding of the strip edges that are in contact. Welding is achieved as the two edges are heated up to the ideal temperature to ensure proper welding of steel with the use of high frequency currents. Welding is performed autogenously (High Frequency Electric Resistance Welding, HF ERW) by compression and without using an electrode.

    C. Shaping
    The third stage of hollow section manufacturing involves transforming the initial tube into a square or rectangular hollow section with the use of suitable forming rolls.


    Mechanical Properties of Narrrow Strip
    Steel Grade Minimum Yield Stress Tensile Strength Minimum Elongation Impact Properties
    N/mm2 N/mm2 %  
    Nom. Thickness Nom. Thickness Nom. Thickness Test Temperature Mean Minimum Μέση Ελάχιστη Absorbed Energy per  Test Sample
    T ≤ 16 mm 16 mm < T < 40 mm T < 3 mm 3 mm < T < 40 mm T ≤ 40 mm º C J
    S 235 JRH 235 225 360 - 510 340 - 470 24 20 27
    S 275 J0H 275 265 430 - 580 410 - 560 20 0 27
    S 355 J2H 355 345 510 - 680 490 - 630 20 -20 27



    Shape – Dimensions of Hollow Structural Sections
    Round: External diameter from 21.3 to 609.6mm (1/2" – 24"
    Square: Dimension from 30x30x2mm to 500x500x20mm
    Rectangular: Dimension from 40x20x2mm to 600x400x20mm
    Length: from 5 to 24m (depending on section type)


    The SD HSS EXTRA Hollow Sections (only in S35J2H steel grade) have the following marking:
    • The SD quality and guarantee mark
    • The product dimensions
    • The steel grade
    • The ELOT EN 10219 standard



    Bundles containing a sufficient number of binding metal straps bearing distinctive labelling
    Standard bundling, depending on dimensions and length
    Bundles weighing from 1000 to 5500 kg each, depending on product type
    Length: 6 and 12 metres. Special lengths made to order




    Mechanical Tests: Tensile Test, Flattening Test, Expansion Test, Impact Test
    Chemical Analyses
    Visual Examination – Dimensional Inspection


    Certificate ISO 9001:2000
    Certificate 2.1 according to ELOT EN 10204
    Certificate 2.2 according to ELOT EN 10204

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  • Square & Rectangular Hollow Structural Sections


    Rectangular Hollow Sections


    Round Hollow Sections


    Square Hollow Sections