SIDEFOR Prefabricated Stirrup Cages


SIDEFOR products are prefabricated 3D stirrup reinforcement cages used as shear reinforcement in columns, beams and shear walls. They are produced with fully automated industrial process and continuous control. With a variety of cross sections and diameters, SIDEFOR stirrup cages offer reliability, safety and accuracy in traverse steel reinforcement. In addition, SIDEFOR ensures accurate fitting of the reinforcement in each project, thus minimising human error. Its robust structure withstands worksite stresses (positioning, concreting, etc) and also stresses during transportation.








    SIDEFOR steel cages are produced with High Ductility SD Steel (B500C – ELOT 1421 and ELOT-EN 10080) with SD marking on each rebar.

    In addition, SIDEFOR steel cages have additional marking; a high-visibility yellow sticker is attached to each cage during the production procedure and stands as a signature of high quality manufacturing.


  • SIDEFOR Prefabricated Stirrup Cages