Company profile

SIDERAL S.H.P.K. is a one stop shop center for top quality construction materials, located on the 24th km of the main highway connecting Tirana and Durres.

SIDERAL S.H.P.K is a subsidiary of SIDENOR Group in Albania. The economic development of Albania over the last years and its future perspectives, along with SIDENOR excellent business relations with Albanian partners (for more than 15 years) has driven us to invest further in Albania and establish SIDERAL S.H.P.K.  Its brand new facilities cover a total area of 55.000 m², 8.500 m² of which are buildings. SIDERAL constantly invests in modern technologies with the aim to offer quality construction products with high standards of customer service, best work conditions for its employees and respect to the environment.

Sideral SH.P.K., mainly distributes steel products of SIDENOR Group in Albania.