The most important milestones in the Company's history and the events having affected its current position are the following:

1962   Establishment of the Company with the name “VIOHALCO - SANITAS SA” with the objective to produce steel water pipes, radiators and boilers
1971   The corporate name is changed into «STEEL INDUSTRY OF NORTHERN GREECE SA»
1974   ERLIKON SA and SIDENOR SA commence co-operating with the latter becoming the main provider of raw materials to the former
1977   The corporate name is changed to «SIDENOR - STEEL INDUSTRY OF NORTHERN GREECE SA»
1979   The corporate name is changed to «SIDENOR Steel Products Manufacturing Company SA»
1994   ERLIKON SA, active in the processing of wire and welding products, lists its stock through public offering in the Main market of Athens Stock Exchange
1997   Absorption of SIDENOR SA by ERLIKON SA and change of corporate name into SIDENOR SA
1998   SIDENOR is awarded the following certifications:
- Quality System Certificate of Conformity as per the requirements of ISO 9002 by the Bureau Veritas Quality International;
- NF-AFCAB Certificate by the Association Française de Normalisation and by the Association Française de Certification des Armatures du Beton;
- Certificate of Quality Conformity with DIN 488 requirements by the German Organisation for Steel Certification ‘Pruefstelle fur Betonstahl’
1999   - Commencement of production by rolling mill of SOVEL SA (subsidiary), doubling the production capacity of rolled products of SIDENOR
- Inroduction of the new SD concrete-reinforcing steel with increased anti-seismic behaviour
2001   - The electrode production sector (Kilkis branch) is split-off from the Company and incorporated into ERLIKON Wire Processing SA. The holding of SIDENOR SA in ERLIKON Wire Processing SA comes to 98.9%
- SIDENOR takes over 75% of the Bulgarian STOMANA INDUSTRY SA, establishing a production base for a dynamic presence in the Bulgarian market and the broader region. The facilities of this company are located in Pernik, covering a total area of approximately 780 acres
- The new steel mill of SOVEL SA at Almyros, Magnesia, in Central Greece commences production. SOVEL SA, through its significant investment plan, aims to increase production, improve production processes and expand the range of products by introducing new higher added-value products. Finally, investments aim to extend and improve the port facilities so as to meet the increased needs for imports of raw materials and exports of finished products
2003   - The holding of SIDENOR SA in the subsidiary STOMANA INDUSTRY SA increases to 79.50% through its participation in the increase in the company’s share capital
- The absorption of KEM SA (a subsidiary) and of the tube division of ATTICA METAL PROCESSING SA was finalised by SOVEL SA (also a subsidiary)
- The Quality Management System of SIDENOR is certified according to ISO 9001:2008
- SIDENOR launches High Ductility grade C concrete reinforcing steel into the market
2004   SIDENOR acquires majority holding in CORINTH PIPEWORKS SA
2005   - A new long products rolling mill is purchased in order to be installed in STOMANA INDUSTRY SA, with an annual production capacity in excess of 600,000 tons
- The Environmental Management System of SIDENOR is certified according to ISO 14001:2004
2006   SIDENOR establishes new subsidiary DOJRAN STEEL, which acquires rolling mill in Republic of North Macedonia from the previous owner VELDER. Subsequently, a total upgrade of all production facilities is implemented and the company commences production of Concrete Reinforcing Steel products
2007   -The Occupational Health & Safety Management System of SIDENOR is certified according to ELOT 1801:2002 and OHSAS 18001:1999
-ZAO - TMK CPW joint venture in Russia starts production
-Development of logistics and distribution facilities in Albania (SIDERAL STEEL ShPK) and Romania (SIDEROM STEEL Srl)
-Completion of the first phase of modernisation of DOJRAN STEEL facilities
-The new scrap feeding method (CONSTEEL) in SOVEL starts operations
-SIDENOR was selected by the World Economic Forum in the 500 New Innovative International Companies
2008   -STOMANA's new rolling mill plant in Bulgaria starts production (annual production capacity in long steel products reaches 1,000,000 tons)
-Acquisition of 100% of the share capital of STOMANA INDUSTRY SA
2009   -SIDENOR Group acquires of 34% stake (24% by SIDENOR SA and 10% by subsidiary PRAKSYS SA) in Italian company Automatic Wire Machines (A.W.M. S.p.A.) that engages in the design and development of customised high-tech mechanical applications in the steel production and processing industry
-Completion of the acquisition of the port facilities in Svishtov, Bulgaria, at a strategic point on the Danube river, through PORT SVISHTOV WEST, a subsidiary of STOMANA INDUSTRY
2011   Completion of logistics and distribution facilities in SIDERAL STEEL ShPK, Albania