Special Steel

Special steels are manufactured by STOMANA INDUSTRY in bars. At the premises of TEPROSTEEL in Pernik, Bulgaria calibrated bars or else Bright Steel Bars are also manufactured, endowed with special tolerances and bright surface.


Special steels meet the needs of mechanical applications used in the automotive industry, the pneumatic and hydraulic systems industry, the industry of project machinery, agricultural machinery, industrial systems, etc.


They are produced in carbon and low alloyed steel grades for general uses, for quenching and tempering, for case hardening and surface hardening, micro-alloying and free cutting and shaping, according to European Standards and customer specifications and include:


hot-rolled bars (diameter 22-120mm) and

turned/polished calibrated bars (diameter 30-115mm)


The constantly expanding list of special steel customers includes industries producing chrome-plated and nickel-plated bars, hydraulic systems, project machinery components, and components of agricultural and hoisting machinery, components used in the automotive industry and railways as well as calibrated, special tolerance bar production units. The clientele is completed by major steel distribution firms in Europe and elsewhere, which have warehouses and special steel processing and cutting centres.


The products are distributed in almost all the European markets and also in Turkey and North Africa.

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