SIDEFOR PLUS prefabricated stirrup cages

The SIDEFOR PLUS range of stirrup cages is the latest evolution as regards the manufacture of joints’ stirrup cages. It offers new possibilities for covering even the most difficult cross sections, in correct dimensions and quantities required for each project.


The need to cover all cross sections that may be covered by the product, in conjunction with technological advancements in the manufacturing process have led to the new generation of SIDEFOR PLUS stirrup cages, which have the following additional characteristics:

They are adapted to the correct quantities and dimensions required by the design, without any minimum order limitation.

Products are designed by the engineer-constructor himself via the use of a Web application (

Order placement and quick processing.


The product was recently (December 2013) conferred the Tech Excellence Award by the Hellenic Marketing Academy.

It has now become a necessary component in the concrete reinforcement of small and major projects and enjoys the universal acceptance of all stakeholders involved. This is a technology developed by SIDENOR and its people, has been patented internationally and is already being exported as manufacturing technology outside Greece too|.