AEIFOROS S.A. was established in 2001 by SIDENOR S.A. initially for the recycling of steel manufacturing by-products, and expanded since then in the processing of other types of industrial by-products and wastes.

AEIFOROS S.A. processes a large range of steel manufacturing and metal processing by-products, recycling over 450,000 tons annually. The company operates two production plants in Greece, one located in Almyros with privately-owned port facilities, and one in Thessaloniki. In 2004 AEIFOROS established a subsidiary company in Bulgaria named AEIFOROS BULGARIA S.A. involved in similar activities. AEIFOROS produces mainly hard aggregates for road construction and building industries as well as metal scrap as secondary raw material. More recently, AEIFOROS S.A. acquired the company THERMOLITH S.A. which is involved in the exploitation of olivine deposits in Northern Greece and produces olivine EBT filler sand, foundry sand for metal casting, slag conditioner, as well as refractory mixes for steel manufacturing (tundish mixes, ramming and gunning mixes) and other industries.

AEIFOROS S.A. is also licensed to operate an End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) Recycling Center, as well as a processing unit for the dismantling and recycling of waste from electric and electronic equipment (WEEE).

A new field of activity is the handling of hazardous waste. AEIFOROS undertakes the recognition of the hazardous waste, packing, labeling and domestic transportation, as well as waste shipment licensing and export when the waste cannot be recycled or disposed of in Greece.

AEIFOROS S.A. has won a number of environmental awards in Greece, either for its products e.g. the first Award for Ecological Product 2005-2006 by the Hellenic Organization of Environment Protection Companies received for its hard aggregates used in road construction for a safer network, either for its global contribution to environment protection e.g. the prize "Environment" of the business awards GREEK VALUE awarded by the Organization of Industries of Northern Greece.

AEIFOROS plants are certified according to ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System) and ISO 14001:2004 (Environment Management System).

The main products of the company are:

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap (Iron, aluminum, stainless, copper, bronze as secondary raw materials for smelting.
  • Mill scale (ferrous oxides) for the cement industry, steelworks and the chemical industry
  • Olivine products (EBT filler sand, slag conditioner, foundry sand) and refractories for the industry through its subsidiary THERMOLITH S.A.
  • Anti-skid aggregates for road construction certified according to CE13043
  • Aggregates for unbound pavements certified according to CE13242
  • Sand (without filler) for industrial floors, cement products (concrete tiles, paving blocks), sandblasting.
  • Light fine sand and hydraulic binders
  • Calcium-Silica raw material for clinker production
  • Raw material for plasters, mortars and coatings
  • Sewage sludge stabilizer