ERLIKON’s plant in Thessaloniki produces welding and wire products including, among others, welding electrodes and copper-plated wires, galvanized and black wires, galvanized meshes in rolls and sheets and steel fibres. ERLIKON is the unique manufacturer of welding products in Greece.

Following the take-over of ETAL S.A., which was completed in 2010, the ERLIKON plant also designs, manufactures and distributes concrete reinforcing steel fibres to the market. It is actually the only Greek company and one of the few in the world with know-how on producing direct dispersion bonded fibre to concrete without the fibre-balling problem during mixing. In order to maintain its competitive advantage on a technological and know-how level, the Company is carrying out an extensive research program concerning the development of steel fibre reinforced concrete applications.

The products manufactured at the Thessaloniki plant are:

Electrode sector: Welding electrodes for all types of steel, steel repair and recapping electrodes, welding and repair electrodes for non-ferrous metals, welding and repair electrodes for cast iron, metal-cutting electrodes, copper-plated wires (CO2) for automatic and semi-automatic welding.

Wire products sector: Galvanised soft wire, Galvanised semi-hard wire, Heavily-galvanized wire, Black hard wire, Black soft (annealed) wire, Welded galvanized mesh in sheets, Welded galvanized mesh in rolls.

Steel Fibre sector: steel fibres for reinforcing concrete, 30mm - 100mm long and 0.75mm – 1.20 mm in diameter.

The Quality Management System is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2008

The plant of ERLIKON at Thessaloniki applies an Environmental Management System certified according to ISO 14001:2004 by ELOT and also an Occupational Health & Safety Management System certified according OHSAS 18001:2007.

Url: www.erlikon.gr