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SIDENOR Group’s pipe manufacturing sector consists of 2 plants, in Thisvi, Viotia (CORINTH PIPEWORKS SA) and in Almyros, Magnesia (SOVEL SA). The factories have their own privately-owned ports. The plants have a cumulative installed production capacity of approximately 970,000 tonnes, which makes SIDENOR Group one of the biggest steel pipe manufacturers in the world.

Since the beginning of 2005, SIDENOR Group has integrated the operations of its pipe-manufacturing sites, in order to ensure:

  • The transfer of know-how (in terms of quality and new product development)
  • Improved use of the international commercial network
  • Manpower development

SIDENOR Group’s pipe manufacturing sector has a long tradition in the production and trade of high quality and value-added products. In recent years, it has made significant investments in the steel pipe and hollow structural section manufacturing plants, equipping them with state-of-the-art production lines and updating the existing equipment.

The pipe manufacturing plant in Almyros, Magnesia specialises in manufacturing and supplying small and medium steel pipes and hollow structural sections. The pipe manufacturing site in Thisvi, Viotia, specialises in manufacturing and supplying medium to large steel pipes (pipelines for liquids and gases) and heavy hollow structural sections.